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Grizz Targets



Grizz Targets are simply the best targets for field point and broadhead arrows. Grizz targets are built to last, you can shoot all 6 sides and they will last for years of stopping your arrows. Grizz Targets are a perfect match for Arrowpads, slide a golf tee into each corner and it holds secure.

From the small, portable backpacker up to professional club and range targets Grizz has what you need for the best targets.

If your club or organization is looking for the larger Club Series or Range Series targets please fill in our Contact Form and let us know what you are interested in.

Club pricing is available, please Contact Us for more information.

Here is a sample of a Grizz target with over 2000 arrows shot into only one side.  Grizz targets can be shot from all 6 sides!